Cheats for Eets: Chowdown (Xbox 360)

Xbox Live Gamerscore:

Twenty Ninja (30):
Complete 20 Puzzles with three or more items left in the Item Box.

Quicksilver Demon (30):
Complete every puzzle within Par Time.

Smores (10):
Acquire 9 Puzzle Pieces.

Puzzle Piece Collection (30):
Acquire every Puzzle Piece!

Marshoburger (10):
Acquire more than 100,000 points in Marsho Madness.

Ten Puzzle Solders (15):
Finish 10 Puzzles with at least two items left in the Item Box.

Kaboom (15):
Acquire 28 Puzzle Pieces.

Ginseng (5):
Hit Eets with Ginseng 20 times.

Ginseng Hollow (20):
Acquire 47 Puzzle Pieces.

Marsho (5):
Select a game of Marsho Madness!

Double Marshoburger (20):
Acquire more than 1,000,000 points in Marsho Madness.
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