Чит коды на Ratatouille (Xbox)

Также известная как: Рататуй
Load a saved profile or create a new profile. Then, select the "Extras" option
at the main menu. Choose the "Gusteau's Shop" option, then select the "Secrets"
option. Choose a "Code [number]" option and enter the corresponding cheat code
to unlock that option. After a cheat option is unlocked, click on its name to
enable it. Unlocked and enabled cheat options will be saved with the current
profile. However, some cheat options cannot be disabled.

Code number Result Code
Code 01 Very Easy difficulty(*) Pieceocake
Code 02 No impact or damage from enemies, Myhero
but still take water & falling damage(*)
Code 03 No damage from enemies, but still Shielded
take water & falling damage(*)

Code 04 Move undetected by enemies(*) Spyagent
Code 05 Fart when jumping Ilikeonions
Code 06 Head butt when attacking instead of tailswipe Hardfeelings
Code 07 Multiplayer mode Slumberparty
Code 08 All Concept ArtGusteauart
Code 09 All four championship modes Gusteauship
Code 10 All single player and multiplayer mini-games Mattelme
Code 11 All videos Gusteauvid
Code 12 All Bonus Artworks Gusteaures
Code 13 All Dream Worlds in Gusteau's Shop Gusteaudream
Code 14 All Slides in Gusteau's Shop Gusteauslide
Code 15 All single player mini-games Gusteaulevel
Code 16 All items in Gusteau's Shop Gusteaucombo
Code 17 +5000 Gusteau points Gusteaupot
Code 18 +10,000 Gusteau points Gusteaujack
Code 19 +50,000 Gusteau points Gusteauomni

Note: Codes marked (*) cannot be unlocked until it is bought
with Gusteau points earned during Story mode.
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