Чит коды на NBA 2002 (Xbox)

Cheat menu:
Enter the options menu and select "Gameplay". Hold D-pad Left + Left Analog-stick Right and press Start. The "Codes" selection will now be unlocked at the options menu.

Bonus teams:
Enter MEGASTARS as a case-sensitive code to unlock the Sega Sports, Visual Concepts, and Team 2K2 in exhibition and street modes.

Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson:
Press Start and hold L during an exhibition game. The screen should shake to confirm correct code entry. Go onto the Sixers and they should be on the starting lineup.

Select "Street" at the main menu. Press White, then hold L and press Y(2). Press Start and "Airball" will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bernard King:
Go to the active players section and find the 80's All-Stars. The West 80's team will have two players who are not active. They are Bernard King and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Take out any player(s) and trade them in for one or both of them.
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