Чит коды на MVP Baseball 2005 (Xbox)

All rewards, stadiums, legendary players, and uniforms:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named Katie Roy (case-

Big hitter:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named keegan paterson,
jacob paterson, or isaiah paterson (case-sensitive). The player will have a very
large bat. He will hit a home run or a hard line drive every time you make contact,
no matter what his stats.

Increase body size:
Enter kenny lee (case-sensitive) as a created players name to increase and fully
change the player's size. Each bicep and other parts of the body can be changed
differently from the other. When you go to the body part it says both press A to
switch it to one side or the other.

Boston Red Sox St. Patrick's Day jersey:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named Neverlose Sight (case-
sensitive). The special jersey will appear at the jersey selection screen before an
exhibition game.

Bad hitter:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named erik kiss (case-
sensitive). The player will have a skinny bat that will break every time and send a
little dribbler to the pitcher for a sure out. Also, you cannot bunt with him; it will

Note: You can use this player to your advantage: Create erik kiss, make his stats
all full, then trade him to a rival team. Then, go to "Locate A Created Player", and
reduce his stats. Your rival will now have a bad batter on their team.

Legends Team:
Unlock each of the 25 Legends Team players.

Heroes Team:
Unlock each of the 25 Heroes Team players.

Making of Owner Mode feature:
Buy all stadium upgrades in owner mode.

Getting money in owner mode:
If people are not attending your games, you will have difficulty making money.
Make sure the Fan Happiness meter is high and you schedule Promotional Days
occasionally to keep people coming out to the ballpark.

Use the following tricks to earn money in owner mode. Note: Save the game early
and often. Also be patient, as this may take awhile:

Select a team that is championship caliber. You will make more money by hosting
big games. For example, good teams like Chicago, Boston, New York, or St. Louis.
You will make somewhere about $500,000 for each playoff game.

Turn off injuries, suspensions, and computer trades. This makes simulating a
whole season much faster.

Use the money that is initially in your bank to purchase merchandise stands and
concessions. The more revenue you stream in, the more chance you have to gain
money in the future. Spend all your starting money (remember promotion days)
quickly, as you will go into the negatives quickly.

Never let your team have a losing year. That is the easiest way to get into a huge
hole. In fact, make sure you go deep into the playoffs in the first few years.

Keep your ticket prices at default for the unimportant games early in the season;
perhaps even lower them a bit early in the season to get people through the door.
In crucial September games and the playoffs, raise them to a reasonably high
level. Fan satisfaction is higher then, and they are willing to pay more.

After the postseason, spend all the money that you have earned on ballpark
upgrades (mostly seating capacity). The more seats, the more money you will

Turn off fair trades. Check your rosters after the first few seasons to get rid of old
overpriced players for cheap youngsters. You can even edit young 20 to 22 year
olds in rosters.

When you start owner mode, turn off "Injuries" and "Suspensions" so that your
starting lineup will not be disturbed throughout the season. Set the budget
to "Large". Start a season with a team with a small payroll (for example, the
Minnesota Twins), or you could spend more time trading away all the big salaries
(for example, the New York Yankees). Before you start the season, lower your
ticket prices slightly. Your attendance will average slightly over 10,000 at first.
Also, buy the first "Seating Capacity" upgrade so that your capacity is 25,000. Use
the $1 million you have remaining and buy some concessions. Trade away your
high priced players (anyone making over $1 million) and either sign lower paid
players or call up players from your farm teams. Then, edit your roster so that
you are the greatest team in the league (first in pitching, batting, defense, and
speed). The players' salaries will stay low, but you will be the best team in the
league. Raise your ticket prices after the first few months then raise them more
during the summer months, and slightly more during the playoffs. You should win
the World Series if you edited your players well enough. Take the money you
made and upgrade your seating capacity. Repeat this process after the year. Let
go of the players asking for more money, and just call up more bad players and
edit them to great players. Only concentrate on seating capacity at first. You will
make enough with ticket sales to be able to afford everything else in the later
years. After a few years you should have the best ballpark in the league. Note:
This trick is not for those that are attached to certain players -- you must be
willing to part ways with your big names.

If you want a team with a good stock of cash, then follow these steps. Start Owner
mode with large budget, no suspensions, injuries, CPU trades, and financial
advisor. Then start a fantasy draft for both players and coaches. Make sure that
yoru team is first for both. Choose B. Cox, then simulate the coach draft. When
you get to the player draft, chose who you want (not Dowd, Pujols, Thome, Abreu,
or any other high-priced player). Select in this order: Huff (1B), Mueller (3B),
Soriano (2B), any shortstop, Baldelli (CF), Holliday (LF), select the first four
pitchers in SP and two RP, then simulate. When done, go into "Owners Box" and
choose "Buy Assets". Enter "Seating Capacity" and go to level 2. Spend your
money on a pizza stand, prospect store, and your last $100,000 on promotional
days for your first, last, and rivalry games. Edit your players so that all of your
player stats on main menu (pitching, fielding, hitting, speed) are at #1. For
pitching, raise the stamina. For batting, raise contact and power. For fielding. raise
fielding to 99 on all starters. For speed, set to at least 79. Simulate your season.
You should finish with about 95 to 105 wins and $5 to 10 million in your bank.

Before entering owner mode, go to "Roster Management" and do the following.
Send all of your high priced players to A ball. They will keep their contract years,
but get paid $100,000 per year. For example, if you are the New York Mets, send
Carlos Beltran to A ball. Instead of making $17.5 million over seven years he will
make $100,000 over seven years. This will work with any player. This is an easy
way to cut down price per day of player salaries and still get high media

Have a good team in owner mode like the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees,
or Boston Red Sox. Trade away anyone making over $1 million on all 4 rosters (A,
AA, AAA, and MLB). Then, sign the worst players in all the free agent categories.
Go to edit players, and give them the exact stats of the best position players in
the MLB. By doing this you are getting players for $300,000 for three years, and
with the value of $10 million dollar players.

If a good prospect is doing poorly in the minors, try hiring a new pitching coach or
batting coach to put some spark back into their game.

When you are about to throw the ball, hold the button down until you get to the
red. Let go, then hit the green. Your pitches will be faster.

Hit the batter:
To hit the batter with the ball, hold L + R and press Left Analog-stick Down. The
batter will be hit with the pitch and the umpire will warn you. Do the same for the
next batter and the umpire will eject the pitcher from the game. If you hit the next
batter with the new pitcher, he will immediately be ejected from the game. If you
wait for one specific batter out of all nine batters, the pitcher will not be thrown out
immediately, and there is a good chance that the single batter will charge the
mound. Note: This will not work if you only have one pitcher remaining on your
team. It may also bring down your pitcher's stats in Owner mode and Dynasty
mode. It is recommended that you try this with an opposing team or in Exhibition

Easy Homerun Showdown win:
When the pitch is coming in, hold Left Analog-stick Up and time it well. You will
almost always hit a homerun.

Easy grand slam:
Trade all fast players like O. Cabrera, Ichiro, and Carlos Beltran to one team.
Create the the jacob paterson player and sign him. Then, put the fast players as
the first three hitters and the slugger as the number four batter. Have the first
three players bunt. While this happens, take control of the other team so they
cannot throw the ball. All of the fast players will be on base and the slugger will be
up. Most of the time he will hit a grand slam.

Easy MVP points:
In dynasty mode, after simulating a season and before you go to the playoffs,
save the game. Then, keep reloading it. This will give you a lot of MVP points.

Enter an exhibition, owner, or dynasty mode game. Choose a good overall team
(for example, the Yankees). Face a team with bad pitching and defense (for
example, the Rockies). Play on the MVP level. Go to the game options in the in-
game menu. Go to "Gameplay Tuning" and change all the CPU's abilities (Contact,
Power, Speed, Pitcher Fatigue) to the minimum (-50). Change yours to the
maximum (50). It will now be easy to complete the MVP checklist goals (hit two
homers with same player, steal four bases with same player, hit a grand slam, hit
a triple, strike out ten, pitch a perfect game). Because the game is under the MVP
level, your total MVP points will be multiplied by four, giving you a large number of
MVP points quickly. Note: You can do this on the other levels. Under the Pro level
the multiplier is two, and under the All-Star level the multiplier is three. There is
no bonus multiplier for the Rookie level.

Trade everyone from your A-team to the Red Sox or any other team you can get
MVP points by winning a game against. Then, get eleven of the worst prospects on
the free agents list and set their stats up as high as possible. Put them on your
team, and set your team as the away team.

Easier trades:
If you cannot get an All-Star or top prospect with a player for player trade, go to
free agents. Then, sign the top free agent available and offer the same trade
along with the free agent to have a better chance at coming to terms with the

Argue calls:
If you think the first base umpire made a bad call, press Y during the replay to
argue it. Doing this sends out your manager. It will show your manager walk out
of the dugout. A bar will apear near the bottom of the screen that indicates
argument intensity. Keep pressing Y as fast as you can to make a real strong
argument. However, you will be ejected and the CPU will make all managerial
decisions from now on. If you want to argue without being ejected, press Y only a
few of times, so that about a one quarter or half of the argument intensity bar is

Tinker Field:
Spring Training Stadium Three is in reality Tinker Field in Orlando, Florida. The
football stadium past the outfield the Citrus Bowl, home to the University of
Central Florida's Golden Knights, and the 2004-2005 season Capitol One Bowl.

Creating good players for low pay:
When creating a player, leave his bio, equipment, looks, hot zones, and batter
tendencies alone. Set all of his batting and fielding stats to zero. Do the same with
pitchers, but also make their pitches bad. Then, sign him to a seven year,
$300,000 deal to the MLB. Then, edit their stats and make them perfect. This
works for owner mode. When their contracts are up, release them and make new
players. You can make them look however desired and give them whatever bio
you want. Try making them born from July on in 1987 or the year that they turn

Getting good players:
To get a good player in dynasty or owner mode, create a player and make him
very bad. Then, put him in the free agents and sign him to a seven year $700,000
contract. Then, edit him to be the best ever. You will save money and he will not
complain about his contract.

Recommended team:
The following recommended players can be bought for very low salaries. In owner
mode, a team like this has a good chance at winning a title . They are cheap and
better yet they are young. However, because these players are younger they will
generate less money from sponsors. Make sure you have some big guns like
Guerrero, Rodriguez, or Pujols to raise the bar.

1B: Texeira (TEX) or Morneau (MIN)
2B: Uribe (CHW) or Rivas (MIN)
3B: Wright (NYM) or Blalock (TEX)
SS: Young (TEX)
LF: Mench (TEX) or Bay (PIT)
CF: Baldelli (TB) or Nix (TEX)
RF: Pena (?)
SP: Prior (CHC)
SP: Webb (ARI)
SP: Greinke (KC)
SP: Harden (OAK)
SP: Bonderman (DET)
RP: Nathan (MIN)
RP: Rincon (MIN)
RP: Ayala (WAS)
RP: Bauer (BAL)
C: Martinez (CLE) or Mauer (MIN)

The following team is recommended for owner mode. It is cheap and should help
you lower the expense level of you team. Although some players are over $5
million, leave them on your team. Release all non-starters over 2 million

1B: Mark Texiera (TEX) or Aubrey Huff (TB)
2B: Mark Loretta (???)
3B: Bill Mueller (BOS)
SS: Jimmy Rollins (PHI)
LF: Jason Bay (PIT)
RF: Ichiro (SEA) or Vladimir Guerrero (ANA)
CF: Rocco Baldelli (TB)
SP: Johan Santana (MIN)
SP: Oliver Perez (PIT)
SP: Jake Peavy (SD)
SP: Mark Mulder (ATL)
SP: Esteban Loazia (CWS)
RP: Tim Worrell (PHI)
RP: Bueng Hung Kim (BOS)
CP: Eric Gagne (LA)

Create the following team after enabling the Katie Roy code or unlocking them
normally. Note: They are all power hitters.

Lou Gehrig
Mike Schmidt
Honus Wanger
Al Kaline
Mickey Mantle
Babe Ruth
Johny Bench
Jason Giambi
Phil Johnson
Alex Rodriguez
Ty Cobb
Derek Jeter
Billy Williams

All Legendary Players:
Save your profile once you have 5,000 MVP Rewards points. Buy a Legendary
Player but do not save your profile. Add the Legendary Player to a team then save
your roster. Then, load your profile. You will still have 5,000 points and the
Legendary Player will still be on the team. If you repeat this, you will be able to
get all the Legendary Players on your existing teams.

Camden Yards sign:
On top of the clock in the outfield at the actual Camden Yards us a sign that
reads "The Sun", which refers to the newspaper The Baltimore Sun. In the game,
it reads "The Run".

Bank One Ballpark sign:
On top of the scoreboard in center field, it reads "Arizona Diamondbacks" instead
of "Arizona Republic" as it truly does at Bank One Ballpark.

Fenway Park sign:
In the real Fenway Park, there are big Coca-Cola bottles above the green
monster. However, in the game the bottles are called Rip Cola.

Missing supports:
In owner mode, when you buy the level 5 seating capacity, view your stadium.
One side of the stadium has concrete to support the upper level, while the other
side is empty, showing only the sky behind it.

Citizens Bank Park differences:
In the actual Citizens Bank Park, the small fence in center field has a fiberglass
window near the top. It is missing from the game. Also the game includes the
home run celebrations from the various ballparks, such as Bernie Brewer going
down the slide at Miller Park. However they did not include the big bell ringing in
the outfield at Citizens Bank Park.
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