Чит коды на Mech Assault 2: Lone Wolf (Xbox)

Defeating the Unfinished Skull Mech:
First, keep hitting it in the head with your lasers. A VTOL will constantly
drop supplies if you happen to be hit by the Skull Mech's weapons. When you
get the top layer off, Nurohack the Mech, then fire mortar rounds into its
head. Watch out for its pulse lasers from long range and Napalm Cannon from
short range.

Defeating Spider Mech:
Use your pulse lasers on the coverings on its legs when it gets close, and use
your missiles when it jumps back. When it charges at you, just run backwards;
if you run to the side it will knock you over with its front claws and hit you
with the plasma cannon when you are down. Keep blasting at its legs and picking
up Natalia's salvage and you should kill it without trouble.

Run in Space:
In the pre-game lobby of any game you are in bases and you can run around in
your own base. If that's not enough for you then try this: hit "A" to bring up
the game details. Make sure the camera is directly behind you and start running
towards the window. Now hit "B" to cancel the window just before you run into
the rail and lose your momentum. It's tricky, but if you timed it right, you can
run through the rail and window and into space. If you get stuck in the rail just
keep running toward space and turn left and right until you go through the wall.
It doesn't help you win but it is a lot of fun!
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