Чит коды на Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 (Xbox)

Cheat Codes:
(Quickly press following buttons at the "Press Start" screen.)

Level select - Y, Right(2), B, Down, Y (Note: This code does not unlock all levels in road trip mode; only in free ride, session, and multi-player.)
Boston level in road trip mode - Y, Up, Down(2), Up, Y
Chicago level in road trip mode - Y, Up, B, Up, B, Y
Las Vegas level in road trip mode - Y, R, Left, L, Right, Y
Los Angeles level in road trip mode - Y, Left, B(2), Left, Y
New Orleans level in road trip mode - Y, Down, Right, Up, Left, Y
Portland level in road trip mode - Y, A(2), B(2), Y
Play as Day Smith - B, Up, Down, Up, Down, Y
Play as Vanessa - B, Down, Left(2), Down, Y
Play as Big Foot - B, Right, Up, Right, Up, Y
Play as The Mime - B, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left (Alternately, find all of the gaps in the game.)
Play as Volcano - B, Up(2), A, Up(2), A
Elvis costume - X, L(2), Up(2)
BMX costume - X, B, Left, Right, Left, X
Tiki Battle mode - L(2), Down, R, A, L
Big Foot's FMV sequences - R, Up, Down, Left, A(3), R
Cory Nastazio's FMV sequences - R, Y, X(2), Y(3), R
Day Smith's FMV sequences - R, X, Left(2), Y, Right(2), R
Joe Kowalski's FMV sequences - R, Up, A, B, Down, R
Kevin Robinson's FMV sequences - R, A, B, Down, Up, R
Mat Hoffman's FMV sequences - R, Left, X, Left, X, Left, R
Mike Escamilla's FMV sequences - R, X, A(2), X, A(2), R
Nate Wessel's FMV sequences - R, Down, B, X, Down, B, X, R
Ruben Alcantara's FMV sequences - R, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, R
Rick Thorne's FMV sequences - R, L, Right, R, Left, R
Seth Kimbrough's FMV sequences - R, Up, Up, X(3), R
Simon Tabron's FMV sequences - R, L(2), R, L(2), R
All music tracks - L, Left(2), Right(3), A(2)
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