Чит коды на James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire (Xbox)

To get Gold Bond, shoot a man and keep shooting in the same spot until your ammunition runs out. Then, shoot his gun once with your PP7 and pick it up. You will see Q and Monnypenny walking around. Shoot them to get Gold Bond.

Golden gun:
Successfully complete the Trouble In Paradise level with a "Gold" rank.
To do this easily, get as much accuracy as you can, take as less hits as you can, and do all the Bond moves (shooting barrels to explode, shooting vital enemy characters and find secret areas).

Golden gun in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete the Precious Cargo level with a "Platinum" rank and all 007 icons.

Unlimited Golden gun ammunition:
Successfully complete the Evil Summit level with a "Gold" rank.

Unlimited car missiles:
Successfully complete the Dangerous Pursuit level with a "Gold" rank.
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