Чит коды на Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (Xbox)

Smash point levels:

Level Title Password
1 Bruce Banner TRY AGAIN
2 Spiller of Milk MUTANDA
3 Puny Monkey! SMASH5
4 Puny Human! FSHNCHP
5 You're Not Really Trying! OCANADA
6 Big, Green And Useless SMASH15
7 Merely Annoying BANDERA
8 Hulk Smash! DEUTSCH
9 Civil Disaster CABBIES
10 Sheer Carnage! SMASH10
11 Mass Destruction FURAGGU
12 Catastrophic Destruction DRAPEAU
13 Total Devastation! AMERICA
14 Strongest One There Is RETRO
15 Ultimate Destruction! BRING IT

Aggressive traffic:
Enter FROGGIE as a password. This doubles the speed of traffic
and removes the veer functionality so that it is more aggressive.

Cow missiles:
Enter CHZGUN as a password to replace
all missiles in the Outskirts with cows.

5,000 Smash Points:
Enter SMASH5 as a password.

10,000 Smash Points:
Enter SMASH10 as a password.

15,000 Smash Points:
Enter SMASH15 as a password.
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