Чит коды на Gears of War 2 (Xbox)

Avoid being killed:
whether your playing single player or co-op, here is some advice of how you
can avoid being killed. In some of the levels, locust has different weapons
that you can exchange for one of your weapons... NOTE: you cannot change your
grenades or your handgun for a machine gun or a flamethrower, but you can exchange
your handgun for another, choice matters. so here is my tip to you... if your
under fire take cover, this will avoid getting you killed, whenever the locust
reloads their gun activate your chainsaw bayonet by pressing B and quickly kill
the locust but remember if a locust shot you, your chainsaw bayonet deactivates if
that happens take cover and shoot like crazy... chainsaw will dismember them. next,
if your out of ammo, find a ammo box in certain locations around each level. the
best weapon you can have is the lancer, shotgun, or sniper rifle, sniper rifle is
the most accurate weapon it can take down a locust or a troika gunner in one or two
shots really far away or in a location your not at. follow these tips and youll do
fine. hope this helps
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