Чит коды на Fable: The Lost Chapters (Xbox)

Aquire Avo's Tear
To have Avo's Tear is easy, first when you have killed Jack of Blades and the choice to throw
the sword, or kill your sister and have'it, then chose to throw it, second, when you fight
Jack of Blades again in the Northern Wastes, and you have defeat'it, then chose to throw the
mask. And Third, go to Maze's Tower, there Avo's Tear a Powerfull weapon will be there.

Get Avo's Tear by remaining with the Sword of Aeons
When you have killed Jack of Blades, and is the time to chose to throw the Sword of Aeons
in the Vortex or Kill your sister and have'it, then save the game. Reload the game, Equip
the Sword of Aeons and Defeat again Jack, and throw the Second sword in the vortex, (so it
will be more easy in Northern Wastes). Then when you are Fighting Jack of Blades in Northern
Wastes in the Dragon form, chose to throw the mask. Then go to Maze's Tower there you will
found Avo's Tear.

How to aquire Bright Wizzard Hat
After you have killed Jack of Blades (first time) go to the school in Bowerstone south and
talk to the teacher. Then keep buying books from traders and give them to the teacher until
he says "You have done a very good thing for our school, I don't know how to repay you this
isn't much but the kids say that you will like'it." And you will aquire Bright Wizzard Hat.

Aquire The Bereaver
Open ALL the trunks that needs silver keys and then go to the Necropolis in Northern Wastes
and go to the demon door and give'it all your silver keys (you will NEVER have them back),
and the treasure that guards the Demon door is The Bereaver, and Heavy weapon with Health
augmentation 285 damage (more than sword of aeons) 2 spaces for augmentation 69825 value
but for me is like 225000 value so POWERFULL!!!

How to open the Demon Door in Abandoned Road.
Buy all the chest pieces of Bright Plate Armor, Equip'it and talk to the Demon door, the
equip the Dark Wizzard Armor and talk with the door agian, then equip the bandit armor and
talk with the door the third time, you will get the sword The Cutlass Bluetane 165 damage
40425 Light and Lightning augmentation with 0 spaces for other augmentation.
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