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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 (Xbox)

Extra Money on Character Creation:
If you have a saved game from another EA Sports title you will have more money to start with.

Unlock Black Rock Cove:
If you have a save game from any of the previous Tiger Woods PGA Tour games then you will already have unlocked the Black Rock Cove course.

To unlock game options:
14COURSES: Unlock All Courses
2TON: Unlock Takeharu "Tsunami" Moto
ALL28G: Unlock All Characters
ALLTW3: Unlock All option in game
BANDPANTS: Unlock Charles Howell III
CALCULATE: Unlock Mark Calcavecchia
COWGIRL: Unlock Kellie Newma
GODFATHER: Unlock Dominic "The Don" Donatello
IAM#1: Unlock Cedric " Ace" Andrews
JUSTINTIME: Unlock Justin Leonard
MCRUFF: Unlock "Hamish" Character:
NOTABLY: Unlock Notah BeGay III
ORANGES: Unlock Stuart Appleby
SINK: Unlock Stewart Cink
SOLITARY1: Unlock Solita Lopez
SS: Unlock Steve Stricker
SUNDAY: Unlock Super Tiger Woods
SUPERSTAR: Unlock Josey Superstar Scott
TB: Unlock Mark Omeara
THESWING: Unlock Jim Furyk
TYNO: Unlock Ty Tryon
VALENTINE: Unlock Val "Sunshine" Summers
VJSING: Unlock VJ Sing
XON Unlock: Brad Faxon
YOYOYO: Unlock Melvin "Yoshi" Tanigawa

For all cheat codes entered successfully, Tiger will say the phrase "Oh Yeah."
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