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Spider-Man: The Movie (Xbox)

Go to Specials/Cheats and enter the following codes:

Code Result
chillout - Super Coolant
organicwebbing - Unlimited Webbing
koala - All Fighting Controls
imiarmas - Access All Levels
underthemask - First Person View
hermanschultz - Play as The Shocker
romitas - Level Skip
spiderbyte - Miniature Spider-Man
goestoyourhead - Big Head and Feet
joelspeanuts - Enemies Have Large Heads
dodgethis - Matrix Style Attacks
freakout - Play as Matrix Spider-Man
headexplody - Bonus Training Levels
girlnextdoor - Play as Mary Jane
serum - Play as a Scientist
realhero - Play as a Police Officer
captainstacey - Play as a Helicopter Pilot
knuckles - Play as Thug Model #1
stickyrice - Play as Thug Model #2
thugsrus - Play as Thug Model #3
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