Cheats for The House of the Dead 3 (Xbox)

Unlocking Free Play:
To unlock Free Play in Survival Mode (Infinite credits),
finish any chapter with a rank of 'A' or 'S'. When you
get Game Over, you can save your game with Free Play unlocked.
Free Play is ONLY available in Survival Mode.

Extra items in original mode:
Successfully complete House Of The Dead 3 then go to
House Of The Dead 2, You will take an elevator down to
House of The Dead 2. On the way down, the door will open
a couple of times. Shoot all the enemies as quickly and
as accurately as possible to get items for original mode
in House Of The Dead 2. Complete House Of The Dead 3 again
to repeat the process. Every time you do this, you will
get new items for original mode. This works best if you
unlocked the free play option for House Of The Dead 3.

Alternately, reset the game and when the title screen appears,
go to main menu and select The House Of The Dead 2. It will
take you to the elevator. Note: If you did not save the game
before resetting, all the items you unlocked on the elevator
from the last time will be lost.
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