Cheats for Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (Xbox)

While using the bus in the dare levels during a race, just push the
other cars to build up hit points

Demolition Derby:
Drive around avoiding cars until there are less than four cars remaining.

Suicide Races:
Stay to the inside of the track to avoid the oncoming onslaught of cars.

Turnaround Races:
Drive past the turnaround point until it says 'Get back on track'.
Press Back to put yourself in the opposite direction (it is faster).

Career progression:
When you complete 20% of the career mode (80% remaining), make sure to
have one fast car for racing rounds and a cheap "D" - demolition car f
or demolition rounds. Modify your demolition car with a reinforcement
upgrade only. For your fast car, do all upgrades. This saves money and
constant churning of cars.
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