Cheats for Teen Titans (Xbox)

Characters are unlocked in multi-player mode as you progress in story mode:
Apprentice (Hero) : An alternate version of Robin,
Beast Boy (Hero) : Teen Titan capable of shape-shifting into animals,
Blackfire (Villain) : Starfire's sister; plays exactly like Starfire,
Blocker (Henchman) : Robotic fighting machine,
Bumble Bee (Hero) : Uses powerful twin lasers,
Bunnyguard (Henchman) : Mumbo Jumbo's bodyguard,
Cinderblock (Villain) : Made of concrete and stone, strongest
character in the game,
Clown Beast Boy (Hero) : An alternate version of Beast Boy,
Control Freak (Villain) : Attacks with a variety of sci-fi gadgets,
Cyborg (Hero) : Part-robot with enormous strength,
Cyclone (Hero) : An alternate version of Cyborg,
Dr. Light (Villain) : Uses the power of light to attack,
Fang (Villain) : Plays the same as Gizmo in his mecha-spider,
Gizmo (Villain) : Attacks with mechanical contraptions of
his own design,
Hive Soldier (Henchman) : Works for the Hive Academy, a school for ervillains
Hotspot (Hero) : Uses powers of flame to attack,
Jinx (Villain) : Jinx's powers of bad luck are translated into
powerful energy attacks,
Mad Mod (Villain) : Wears an exoskeleton designed after the
London Royal Guard,
Mammoth (Villain) : Uses his great strength to defeat his enemies,
Mega Meaty Meat Beast Boy (Henchman) : An alternate version of Beast Boy,
Mumbo Jumbo (Villain) : A diabolical magician,
Plasmus (Villain) : Blob monster army leader encountered
during story mode
Plasmus Kid (Henchman) : A fighting blob monster,
Raven (Hero) : Fights with ranged telekinesis attacks,
Red Raven (Hero) : An alternate version of Raven,
Red X (Villain) : Robin's alter-ego come to life,
Robin (Hero) : Acrobatic melee fighter,
Slade (Villain) : Arch-enemy to the Teen titans, clever fighter,
Slade Minion (Henchman) : Generic foot soldier in the employ of Slade,
Speedy (Hero) : Attacks with bow and arrow,
Starfire (Hero) : Powerful ranged beam attacks,
Tempest (Henchman) : Robotic fighting machine,
Terra (Hero) : Geomancy powers let her attack with rock
projectiles and landslides,
Trigon (Villain) : Raven's demon father fights with flame attacks
and powerful punches,
White Raven (Hero) : An alternate version of Raven,
Wildebeest (Hero) : Powerful man-beast.

Multiplayer Mode Characters:
All you have to do is just play through Story Mode and eventually
unlock characters.

Multiplayer Mode Stages:
Just play through Story Mode to unlock Multiplayer Mode Stages.

Unlockable Arenas:
City Cathedral - Complete City Night Showdown Level
Larry's World - Complete Danger Yard Level
Mad Mansion - Complete 1st part of Jail of Horror Level
Mumbo's Big Top - Complete 2nd part of Magic Mayhem Level
The Hive - Complete Hive Academy Level
Raven's Mirror - Complete Thriller Driller Level
Sky Needle - Complete Titan Tower Level
Titan Tower - Complete Slade Ambush Level
Slade's Lair - Complete Final Clash Level
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