Cheats for 4x4 Evolution 2 (Xbox)

All Missions Open:
At the 'Press Start' screen, enter X, X, White, White, Y, Y, White, X, Y, Y, X, White.

Extra Money:
At the 'Press Start' screen, enter Y, X, White, Y, X, White, X, X, Y, White, X, Y.

Farm Road Shortcut:
On Farm Road 109, if you are in the Jeep Liberty Sport; you don't have to memorize the pattern of the train to take the shortcut across the train tracks. With the Jeep Liberty Sport you can almost always take the shortcut even if the train is coming. You just go to the right side of the tracks and you will almost always make it across.

Press Y(2), White, X(2), White, Y(3), X(3) at the "Press Start"

Farm Road 109: Treasure chest:
The treasure chest is located at the center of the lake.

Crazy 2001: Treasure chest:
Go to the southwest corner of the lake near the start to find a treasure chest with money.

Laguna del Sol: Treasure chest:
After Checkpoint 3, drive onto the large island straight ahead of the checkpoint to find a treasure chest.

Restricted Area: Treasure chest:
Find the hanger with the UFO inside then go to one of the corners to find a treasure chest with money.

Using a winch:
After buying a winch for your truck, you can use it by holding Black then aiming into an anchor spot (for example, a rock or tree). Press A to winch it in, press B to get slack, and press Black to detach the line.

Note: You also need a bull bar to use the winch. You can use the winch while moving by first, activating the winch target, then pressing White. You will have to use the trigger to drive.
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