Cheats for Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (Xbox)

Burnout Boost:
Hold Hand Brake and Gas when getting ready for the race. After the screen
focuses on your car, release Hand Brake. If done correctly, when it is time
to go the meter on the right will fill up.

Chrysler 300c 'dub Edition':
Win the Balboa Park Tournament in San Diego.

Drive On Two Wheels:
Press L and the D-pad Left or Right. Your car will pop up on
the left or right side, and you can drive on two wheels.

Easy Money:
In a tournament race, do not finish the last race in first place,
but in second or third place. Second place is worth more money.
Do this as many times as desired for fast money.

El Diablo Rigid:
Defeat Vanessa three times in career mode.

Nissan Skyline:
Win all tuner race tournaments

Skully Bike:
Win all the Chopper of America Bike Club races.

Weave Through Traffic:
When racing, turn left or right and press B.
Your car will go on its side and can weave through traffic.

Add $1 To Career Money Total:
Enter kubmir at the cheat menu.

Subtract $1 From Career Money Total:
Enter rimbuk at the cheat menu.

Atlanta And Detroit Police Cars:
Successfully complete the game
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