Cheats for Jade Empire (Xbox)

Regain Health:
If you are running low on health in battle, hold B (block)
and hold White (heal) to heal yourself without receiving
damage from enemies. This drains Chi energy.

Get All Three Endings:
By saving your game near the end of the quest, you can play
the ending and view all three different endings of Jade Empire.

Silver Coins:
After talking to Master Li, go into the other room. You will find a
chest that has three small statues in it. Take them. Then, go to the
large statue of a lion. Approach the altar, and whatever color his
palm glows, place the corresponding statue there. After you have
placed all three statues you will receive one silver coin.
You can do this until you receive 17 silver coins, and you will
keep the small statues. If you decide to destroy the alter, you
will be given 24 silver coins and will lose the small statues.

Alternate Title Screen:
The game will auto-save once you reach the final boss in the game.
Once this auto-save happens, the alternate title screen will appear
when you restart the game.

Bonus dialog:
Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to continue
until the end to hear extra dialog from various characters.

Crimson Tears:
To receive the upgraded dual sword style Crimson Tears,
climb the ranks in the Imperial Arena to the Bronze Division.
When Cho comes and asks you to poison Crimson Khana refuse,
then find her and tell her about this. Once you defeat her
in the ring she will teach you Crimson Tears.
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