Cheats for Far Cry: Instincts Evolution (Xbox)

Enter the following Case-Sensitive codes at the password screen:
GiveMeTheMaps - All maps
FeralAttack Feral - attacks in early levels
UnleashHell - Unlimited ammo
Bloodlust - Unlimited feral attacks
ImJackCarver - Restore health

Castaway reference:
In level 1, go to the northernmost island, with the "HELP" sign on
the beach that Decay found. Stand on the campfire near the wreckage
with the "HELP" sign facing southeast. While facing southeast, walk up
the hill and into the shade. Continue walking until you reach the top
of the hill. Then, face northeast and walk through the brush to find
an area where the sun is shining brightly. Look at that location to
find Wilson, the volleyball from Castaway.
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