Cheats for Capcom Vs. SNK 2: EO (Xbox)

Boss Challenge Mode
To get this mode you must unlock both Shin Akuma and Ultimate Rugal. The once you do that go
to Arcade mode and hold X + Y and press Start while highlighting arcade mode.

Custom Grooves
The Custom Groove option appears once a normal Boss has been defeated (normal Akuma or
Rugal). Normal Bosses appear by doing 2 of 4 of the following tasks.

Achieve over 1000 GPS by the end of the game.
Achieve four or more special KOs.
Middle Boss has appeared.
Achieve two or more LV3 super combo KOs.

**Note** 2 of 4 must be accomplished to unlock Custom Grooves

Extra Options
Beat all the opponents in Boss Challenge Mode, and you will unlock the Extra Options located
under the Options Menu. You can customize your life gauge for both players, your custom
groove, infinite groove energy, etc.

Hidden Bosses
If you play with a Capcom groove you will get Ultimate Rugal, and if you play with a SNK groove
you will get Shin Akuma.

Achieve over 1500 GPS by the end of the game.
Defeat the Middle Boss
Achieve at least one Finest Knock Out

**Note** 2 of 3 must be accomplished to unlock them

Infinite Custom Grooves
Defeat all characters in survival mode.
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