Cheats for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Wii U)

Out of Map Glitch:
Here's how to go underground "Out of Map" so the zombies cannot eat you!
You can do this glitch right after the start of the game when you get
to the first town. Just jump on the fence, then jump on the generator door,
then out.

Secret Weapon Glitch:
At the end of the game when you're defending the survivors a secret
weapon can be found. This glitch can be done by going behind the chopper
and walking up the slanted out house, then jumping to the one on the right.
Now that you're "Out of Map", you'll be able to find the secret .50 Cal gun.
It wasn't supposed to be in the game, since it's a Vehicle-mounted only weapon,
so it has no crouching or run animation: but you can still pick it up!

Relic Rewards
You can acquire different relic rewards by reaching the end of the game with different conditions met, as outlined below.
Crossbow/Assault Rifle - Finish the game once
Melee Boost - Finish the game with Jane in your party
Marksman Boost - Finish the game with Harrison in your party
Faster Stronger - Finish the game with Sheila in your party
Surivior Success - Finish the game with Noah in your party
Item Boost - Finish the game with Swenson in your party
Bigger Clips - Finish the game with Mia in your party
Stealth Movement - Finish the game with Warren in your party
Silenced Weapons - Finish the game with Blake in your party
Unlimited Ammo - Acquire all other relics
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