Чит коды на WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2011 (Wii)

At the main menu, select "My WWE", "Options", then "Cheat Codes". Enter
one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding bonus:

-=Tribute To The Troops arena=-
Enter "8thannualtribute" as a code to unlock the Tribute To The
Troops arena.

-=Cruiserweight, Hardcore, and Million Dollar Championship belts=-
Enter "historicalbelts" as a code to unlock the Cruiserweight,
Hardcore, and Million Dollar Championship title belts.

-=John Cena Street Fight gear=-
Enter "slurpee" as a code to unlock the John Cena Street Fight gear.

-=Randy Orton alternate attire=-
Enter "apexpredator" as a code to unlock the Randy Orton alternate attire.

Time Machine:
Play Road To WrestleMania with Christian. Talk to Edge in the south locker
room at the Elimination Chamber PPV about the Time Machine. Then, go to
the GM Office, and talk to Vince McMahon. You will find out the Time Machine
is broken into three pieces (they will appear as three green dots on the
map). Look for the Edge and Christian action figures. They are between the
bookshelf and the TV Once you leave, you will get a phone call from Edge.
The "Flux Capacitor" (Back To The Future reference) is in the Green Room.
The "Phone Booth" (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure reference) is in the
parking lot. Go to Edge with all three parts to get the Time Machine,
which allows any Superstar to travel to any point in time on the Road
To WrestleMania.

Having a title match anytime in WWE Universe:
Once all bonus championship belts are unlocked, give any vacant title to
a title holder in the WWE Universe. Then, create any type of singles
match, and select the double title holder. When you select him, both
titles should be on the line (for example, give Dolph Ziggler the
Intercontinental and ECW belts). This allows every custom match to be a
championship match; every superstar can have a title match, even WWE
Note: This trick works with all WWE Universe belts except the Divas and
Womens belts.
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