Чит коды на Wii Sports Resort (Wii)

Pro class:
Get a "1,000" rating in any sport. You will see a silver seal next to your name
when you play that sport and have the following bonuses unlocked:

Air Sports: Unknown
Archery: Unknown
Basketball: Unknown
Bowling: Diamond ball
Canoeing: Unknown
Cycling: Unknown
Frisbee: Three extra hard holes
Golf: Three extra hard holes
Power Cruising: Unknown
Swordplay: New samurai armor
Table Tennis: Unknown
Wakeboarding: Two bonus courses

Superstar class:
Get a "2,000" rating in any sport.

Never lose skill points:
Pause the game when you are about to lose a match. Either restart or quit before
the game displays the score. If done correctly, you will not lose skill points.

Replay Skydiving introduction in Air Sports:
Use the following code to replay the skydiving demo that was featured when the
game was first started. At the character selection screen, highlight the pointer
over the "OK" option. Hold 2 and press A. Release 2 at the next screen,
featuring your Mii getting ready to jump. If done correctly, your score and
level will not appear.

No guide circle in Archery:
While an Archery game loads, hold 2.

Play at night in Basketball:
While confirming your character at the selection screen, hold 2 and press A.
Release 2 at the warning message screen.
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