Чит коды на Wii de Yawaraka Atama Juku (Wii)

Expert Difficulty:
Get a Gold Medal under the Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty settings on
one exercise to unlock the Expert difficulty setting for the same

Free Platinum Medal:
Quit out of the game four times in one minute (sixty seconds), and you
will automatically earn a Platinum Medal.

Medals Breakdown:
Here's a breakdown on how all of the medals in the game are determined:

100g Brain - Bronze Medal
200g Brain - Silver Medal
300g Brain - Gold Medal
400g Brain - Platinum Medal

Platinum medals are determined by difficulty settings:
Easy Level - 400g
Medium Level - 450g
Hard Level - 475g
Expert Level - 500g

Platinum Medal:
To earn a Platinum Medal, get a score of 450 or higher.
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