Чит коды на Wii Channels (Wii)

Photo Channel hints:
At the photo viewer menu, use the Wii-mote to select the cat that appears on
the top title bar before it runs away. He will tell you hints about the
If you do a mood change to a movie file, the sound also changes.
Press D-pad Down and select the eraser while doodling. This will undo some of
your changes.
During a slide show, press Plus or Minus to adjust the volume. You have more
volume options with MP3 files than you do with the default music.
Aim the pointer at a photo and press D-pad Up or Down and something will
happen around the pointer.
To easily move from a close-up of one photo to a close-up of the next, press
D-pad Left or Right.
While a photo is selected, press D-pad Up or Down and a censor-like blur will
appear over the picture. It either gets smaller as you move the Wii-mote
farther back or larger as you move it closer to the screen.
When you have many photos on your SD Card, you can press D-pad Up or Down to
scroll through them.
To easily create composite photos, first use the scissors to cut a piece out
of one photo, then move to the photo you want to paste that piece onto.
The scissors in Doodle can do more than just cut. Press 1 while you cut or
after you have cut.
If you hold some buttons down, you may be able to scroll faster.

Shoot fireballs:
When Mario or Luigi run across the screen in their Fire Flower costume while
downloading a game in the Shop channel, press B to shoot fireballs.
Moving Wii Channels around
When you move the Wii Pointer over a Wii Channel, hold A + B to move it to the
left, right, or the bottom. Note: You cannot move the channel that you are
playing games on.
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