Чит коды на Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Wii)

Unlockable: Minigames:
Balloon Trip - You must finish Dr Crygor's workout stage.
Block Star - You must finish Young Cricket's Microgames.
Can Shooter - You must finish Ashley's Microgames.
Pyoro S - Play all of the microgame from every character.
Tortoise & Hare - You must finish Orbulon's Microgames.
Tower Tennis - You must finish Kat & Ana's Microgames.

Multiplayer Modes:
Unlock Multiplayer mode by beating Tiny Wario's stage in Single Player,
then go to the Main Menu and select Multi.

Survival - Unlock Multiplayer (Beat Tiny Wario's Stage)
Bomb - Play a game of Survival
Lifeline - Play a game of Bomb
Balloon - Play a game of Lifeline
Darts - Unlock Multiplayer (Beat Tiny Wario's Stage)
Star Nose - Play a game of Darts
Bungee Buddies - Play a game of Star Nose

Elephant Buildings:
The buildings are unlocked in a chain after finishing the story mode.

Thrilling (no Form cards) - Get 10 or more points on the Sudden Death Building
Sudden Death Building (one life) - Get 20 or more points on the Super Hard Building
Super Hard Building (very fast) - get 30 or more points on the Mixed Up Building
All Mixed Up Building(random microgames) - Beat the last stage (Tiny Wario)

Unlockable gameplay modes:
Multiplayer Mode - Complete the Single-player game
Sound Studio - Complete at least 20 games in succession on Trilling mode
Temple Of Form - Play at least one Microgame
Movie Theatre mode - Play Wario's stage

Unlockable: Balloon Tripf:
You must finish the Dr. Crygor's workout stage.
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