Чит коды на The BIGS (Wii)

Good rookie:
Create a rookie and name him HOT DOG. He will automatically have good stats.

Easy points:
When you fill up your and your opponent fills up their point bars, wait until
your opponent uses Power Blast. Strike the batter out with Big Heat and you
will get 100,000 points for a Big Strike Out. You must do this a few times.

Easy runs:
A few batters before your rookie is up, try to get base hits with them. For
example, use Carl Crawford, Hank Blaylock, and Justin Morneau. If you want to
do this, load up the bases if possible. Once they are loaded you should be
able to hit a home run with your rookie without problems. If you do this
four times you will receive unlimited Power Blasts for the rest of the game.

Easy homeruns:
When you can get bat graphics, select the flame bat. Then, try to get your
power ratings to the maximum. Once you have done that you will automatically
hit home runs.
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