Чит коды на Super Swing Golf Pangya (Wii)

Unlockable Characters:
To unlock a new character, beat Pangya Festa with another character. This means
the first storyline of Pangya Festa, unless otherwise mentioned.

Unlockable How to Unlock:
Uncle Bob - Beat Pangya Festa with Scout
Cecilia - Beat Pangya Festa with Hana or Uncle Bob
Max - Beat Pangya Festa with Cecilia
Kooh - Beat Pangya Festa with Max
Arin - Beat Pangya Festa with Kooh
Kaz - Beat Arin's final storyline. To access this storyline, beat the first
storyline with everyone but Kaz, and wear Arin's Magic School Uniform.

Unlock Caddies:
You unlock Caddies by defeating the Pangya Festa with certain characters. (Except for
Pipin) You must purchase them from the shop first just like the players. Outfits for
the Caddies will be unlocked and available for purchase when you unlock the Caddies
as well.

Unlockable - How to Unlock:
Pipin - Complete the Tutorial
Lola - Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Uncle Bob
Tiki - Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Max
Dolfini - Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Kooh
Quma - Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Hana
Brie - Beat Arin's first Pangya Festa
TitanBoo - Beat Cecilia in Arin's first Pangya Festa
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