Чит коды на Билли: Стипендия (Wii)

Также известная как: Bully: Scholarship Edition
Unlockable: How to Unlock:
BMX Helmet Complete all bike races.
Crash Helmet Win the first set of Go-Kart races.
Mo-Ped Buy from carnival for 75 tickets.
Rubber Band Ball Collect all rubber bands.
Pumpkin Head Smash all pumpkins either on Halloween
or in basement.
Black Ninja suit Take a picture of all the students of Bullworth.
Double Carnival Tickets Collect all G & G cards
Fire man's hat Pull the fire alarm 15 times
to unlock the fire man's hat.
Robber Mask Break into 15 peoples lockers without getting
caught, you will unlock the Robber mask.
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