Чит коды на Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4: Wall Of Fire (Wii)

Unlimited Soldiers:
Use the War command and select a general to go into battle. Assign the maximum
number of men to his unit. When they asked for confirmation for going to war
select the ''No''option. Remove the general from the list of commanders and
reassign him to the post. Return to the troop assignment screen. The number of
men available should be multiply by the number that was assigned earlier. Repeat
this process to increase the number of men, but don't go back to the main menu.

Form Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition:
Select the first scenario (Dong Zhuo Triumphs in Luo Yang), then select Cao Cao
as your leader. On your very first turn, move some generals and troops to Xu
Chang. A few months later, Cao Cao will call a meeting, asking all the other
leaders to form an alliance against Dong Zhuo. If Yuan Shao joins, he will
become leader; otherwise, Cao Cao will become leader. This makes defeating Dong
Zhuo a bit easier, depending on who joins you (such as Yuan Shao or Ma Teng).
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