Чит коды на Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Wii)

MTAR-21 assault rifle:
Hold RB and press Down(2), Up(2), X, B, X, B, Y, Up(2), Y at the
title screen.

Stronger ragdoll effect:
Pause game play in Single Player mode then hold LB and press
A(2), B(2), X(2), Y(2), A, B, X, Y.

Third person view:
Pause game play in Single Player mode then hold LB and press
X, B, X, B, click Left Analog-stick(2), press Y, A, Y, A, click Right

Laser bullets:
Host an online match on Xbox Live. It can be any match type, as long
as you are the host. After the game begins, press Start. Then hold LB
and Left Analog-stick(2), press A, click Right Analog-stick(2), press
B, click Left Analog-stick(2), press X, click Right Analog-stick(2),
press Y. The message "GiDoeJoe Mode" will appear on everyone's screen
to confirm correct code entry. Alpha team will shoot blue lasers and
Bravo will shoot red lasers.

Comcast Optimized multi-player map:
Select the "Extras" option at the main menu. Select the "Comcast Gift"
option, then enter COMCAST FASTER as a password on the virtual keyboard
to unlock the "Comcast Optimized" multi-player map.

How to unlock Extra map go to extras go to Comcast Gift and Enter Comcast
Faster and you got a map

God mode:
you cant get killed
how the code must be entered: hold LB and RB then press A.A.X.B.Y.Y.A.B.X
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