Чит коды на Okami (Wii)

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Amaterasu's original look: Successfully complete the game.
Invincibility: Find all 100 Stray Beads.
Jukebox: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Returner: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Transfomer 1: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Transfomer 2: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Transfomer 3: Get an "S" ranking for "Deaths".
Kamic Transfomer 4: Get an "S" ranking for "Enemies Defeated".
Kamic Transfomer 5: Get an "S" ranking for "Money Gained".
Kamic Transfomer 6: Get an "S" ranking for "Demon Fangs Found".
Kamic Transfomer 7: Get an "S" ranking for "Praise Earned".
Kamic Transfomer 8: Get an "S" ranking for "Praise Earned".
Kamic Transfomer 9: Get an "S" ranking for "Praise Earned".
New divine attribute: Successfully complete the game.
Secret Theatre: Accumulate more than 31 hours of game play time.
Stray Bead: Successfully complete the game.
The Footage Box: Successfully complete the game.
Tradition Scrolls: Successfully complete the game.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game and save when promted after the credits. Then,
load the cleared game file to start a new game with 999,999 yen, all previous
stats, and weapons, except the fifth of each type. The Peace Bell, Lucky Cat,
Wood Mat, and Ink Pot are the only Holy Artifacts that will transfer over. Brush
techniques do not transfer over. Additionally, there will be an option in green
that reads "Presents From Issun" at the title screen. You can listen to Okami
music, view Okami art, and watch video clips.

Collect all 100 Stray Beads.

Secret brush technique:
Draw a lightning bolt sign with the brush. This should unleash a rain of
electricity. However, you cannot use the brush on the lightning to use other
Draw a "Z" with the brush. The "Z" must be all inline. This should create a
small sun which will burn the enemies. Draw two vertical lines down. This should
make it start to rain. This is useful when you need to fill empty ponds, etc.
Secret Rain brush technique
Defeat Ninetails, then go to the queen's temple. Use the water on the ground to
draw a line connecting the pillars together.
Secret Snowflake brush technique
After obtaining the Blizzard brush technique, you will also unlock a secret
brush technique. This technique simply requires drawling an asterisk (just an
"X" with either a horizontal line intersecting the middle or a vertical -- not
both). A snowflake of ice (size depending on the asterisk drawn) will appear
with icicles falling around it. Using this on townsfolk will temporarily turn
them into snowmen.

Secret Thunder Shower brush technique:
After obtaining the Thunderstorm brush technique, draw a thunder-bolt symbol
(resembles a four-jagged zig-zag line), and a group of thunderbolts will fall
onto enemies.

Urine attack:
Get 100,000 yen, then go to Shinshu Field and buy the Urine attack from the
Sensei. This enables you to urinate on your enemies.

Beads of Life:
Defeat Crimson Helm to get the Beads of Life.

Blade of Kusanagi:
Defeat Ninetails to get the Blade of Kusanagi.

Devout Beads:
At Agata Forest, go to the area next to the cave (where the psychic is located).
On your left should be a narrow strip of land which leads to a cave. At the end
will be a tree. Use the Bloom Brush. Once the tree has bloomed, there will be a
treasure chest. Open it and you will get the Devout Beads.

Eighth Wonder:
You can buy the Eighth Wonder from the merchant in Ponc'tan.

Exorcism Beads:
Defeat Blight to get the Exorcism Beads.

Infinity Judge:
You can buy Infinity Judge once you reach Kusa Village.

Resurrection Beads:
You can buy the Resurrection Beads from the merchant in Wep'keer.

Seven Strike:
You can buy Seven Strike once you reach Sei-an City.

Snarling Beast:
Defeat Spider Queen to get the Snarling Beast.

Solar Flare:
You can get the Solar Flare from Itegami.

Thunder Edge:
Defeat True Orochi to get the Thunder Edge.

Trinity Mirror:
You can buy the Trinity Mirror from the merchant in Kamiki Village (100 Years in
the Past).

Defeat Orochi to get the Tsumagari.
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