Чит коды на Ogre Battle 64 (Wii)

Collecting max amount of Bloody Emblems:
You can start doing this after chapter 2 begins and you
complete the mission/stage Mylesia.

1.Start off with a Chaotic alignment character and make it into
leader, add others to this unit to increase it's speed.

2.Send that unit into the town of Algorea to encounter The Vampire
lestat, get all of his Questions right to collect your bloody emblem.

3.Leave the map and go into your organize screen then use the option
to rename your leader, give him any name and then go back into the
map visit Algorea once again.

4.The Vampire Lestat appears again and does the same thing. It might
be the same exact but as long you have changed the name he will keep
appearing to give you a bloody emblem.

5.Repeat the process over and over again until you cannot receive
anymore then sell a ton of them off all at once for a large sum
since they sell for 325 goth a piece.
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