Чит коды на 1080 Snowboarding (Wii)

Easy fast start:
Instead of trying to time this; at the start of the race, as soon as the
countdown begins just start tapping up on the Thumbstick quickly. When the
race begins you will end up easily getting a fast start and will shoot out
in front.

Panda Boarder:
Get the high score/best time in all of the Time Attacks and Trick Attacks
and then get all three best scores in Contest Mode. Then at the player
selection screen highlight Rob Haywood and hold C-Right and press A.

Add "fisheye" zoom in/out in saved replay:
Use C-up to change the view in a replay to directly behind the rider (the
view you play in). Now use up and down on the D-pad to add a ''fisheye''
effect and zoom in (up) and out (down).

Complete Any Trick:
Select Training Mode and choose any boarder. Perform an easy trick, but
before you land, open up the trick menu and scroll down to a trick you
have not yet completed. When you land, the game will count the trick you
did as the one you selected from list.

Deadly Fall Level:
Beat Match Race on Expert.

Dragon Cave Course:
Beat the fifth course on Hard difficulty, in the Match races.

Gold Boarder:
Pass expert mode using the Ice Boarder. Go to Hensuke Kimachi and then
press C up and then tap A.

Ice Boarder:
Pass expert mode so you can get a see-through Snowboarder. When you pass
the level, go to Akari. Press C left and then tap A.

Penguin Board:
Do all 24 tricks in one traning session, then when you select the board
''Tahoe 151'' hold c-down.
Play with the music in the Halfpipe replay mode
After completing a trick attack in the halfpipe, selcet ''View Replay''
and once it starts move the control stick to ''scratch a record'' in the

Take control of the Intro Camera:
Once the game into begins(with the boarder flying down the hill), simply
hit C-up once, and then use the Joystick to move the camera around. If
you'd like to go back to the pre programed ''action'' cam, simply tap C-up
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