Чит коды на MySims (Wii)

Cheat Mode:
Press Minus to pause game play while in town. Then, press 2,
1, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right to display the
password screen with a virtual keyboard. Enter one of the
following case-sensitive passwords to activate the
corresponding cheat function:

Kimono Dress: l3hkdvs
Funky Hipster Suit: Tglg0ca
Racecar Bed: Ahvmrva
Bunk Bed (Furniture): F3nevr0
Camouflage pants: N10ng5g
Genie Outfit: Gvsb3k1
Hourglass Couch: Ghtymba
Modern couch: T7srhca
Rickshaw Bed: Itha7da
White jacket: R705aan

Unlock Blow Torch:
Have your town reach four stars.

Unlock Crowbar:
Have your town reach one star.

Unlock Pickaxe:
Have your town reach three stars.

Unlock Saw:
Have your town reach two stars.

After bringing your towns interest level to 100% in any of the six categories
you will recieve a message telling you that a special guest will be waiting for
you in the hotel. This Uber-Sim will be waiting in the hotel the next day.

Effect - Code
Amazing Daryl - 100% Fun Town
Chancellor Ikara - 100% Tasty Town
Hopper - 100% Cute Town
Mel - 100% Spooky Town
Samurai Bob - 100% Studious Town
Star - 100% Geeky Town

Do not waste time on Tasks:
You can spend less time on tasks by not botherin much. Just cover the stars
and use what you need and its accepted.
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