Чит коды на Megaman X2 (Wii)

Airman-Wily stage 2 warp glitch:
During the boss fight with Airman, use Item 1 so that the platform is
created on the far left side. Jump on the platform, and you'll notice that
it already becomes glitchy by not moving the Air attacks created by
Airman. If you're in the correct position on the platform, as you go past
the enterance to this room, it will act as though you just entered a door,
and push you through the right hand side of the room. For some reason,
this ends up being Stage 2 of Dr Wily's fortress, except that now all
backgrounds/platforms are made up out of the backgrounds/platform textures
of Airman's stage. IE they will be made up from clouds/skies.

Avoid getting hurt:
If you repeatedly pause the game, enemy shots will pass directly through

Disapearing Enemy:
In some areas of the game, if you see an enemy just on the edge of the
screen and you move to the left then back, it will disapear and you won't
have to fight it.

Infinite Quick boomerang, Metal Blade, and Bubble Lead:
Select Quick Boomerang. Then shoot only 7 at a time. Press start and
select Quick Boomerang again. It won't waste! Do the same thing with Metal
Blade except only shoot 3 at a time and with Bubble Lead only 1 at a time.

Turn Stars Into Birds:
At the Stage Select Screen, hold down the A + B buttons and choose a boss.
When the next screen comes up that displays the boss and his name, the
stars in the background will turn into birds.

Warp to Wily Stage 1 from HeatMan's Stage:
This glitch occurs while fighting HeatMan, and you need to have Bubble
Lead weapon (to make it easier). In one of HeatMan's attacks, he tosses
three small flames at you. When he does this, use the Bubble Lead twice so
that two bubbles are on the screen along with HeatMan's fire sparks.
Before the Bubble Lead hits HeatMan, jump towards the gate you entered the
room in and as you touch the gate, get hit by one of HeatMan's flames. If
done correctly, the gate will open and and transport you to the beginning
Wily Stage 1.

Wily Stage 1 will not have its normal color scheme, but it will have the
color scheme and tileset of HeatMan's stage instead. Once you manage to
get here, you will be mysteriously hit by something invisible until you
die. However, you will start at the beginning of this stage, and you will
no longer get hit.
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