Чит коды на Mega Man (Wii)

Iceman stage glitch:
There is a point in the Iceman stage where you try to get a 1-up but often
miss it. When you drop down to the next screen (the one before the Big
Eye), use your magnet beam and try to climb your way up and try to hop
onto the offscreen platform where the 1-up is supposed to be. The moment
you step on it, the screen will glitch and show you falling to the screen
below and avoiding the Big Eye in the process.

The Select Trick:
When using a weapon that goes through an enemy, press the Select button
(this pauses the game with out bringing up the weapon menu) when the
weapon is making contact with the enemy. While the game is paused this way
the enemy will continue to flash. When the flashing has stopped, press the
Select button again to un-pause the game and the weapon will 'hit' the
enemy again causing more damage.

You can do this trick repeatidly with many of the bosses making them very
easy to beat.
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