Чит коды на Mario Super Sluggers (Wii)

Get Baby Daisy:
Go to Peach Garden and use Wario’s magnet to retrieve Daisy’s baby rattle from the fountain; next, use Yoshi to enter the manhole cover on the left side of the garden, which will bring you to a crying baby; give her the rattle and she’ll join you.

Get Baby DK:
Use Yoshi’s power to free Baby DK from the palm tree.

Get Baby Peach:
Go to Peach Garden and use Princess Peach’s heart power on the grass Toad statue.

Get Blooper:
Navigate to the dock in Mario Stadium and let Princess Peach use her heart power on the bubbles.

Get Funky Kong:
Rescue him from the Hammer Brother.

Get King K. Rool:
Beat all four Kritters in the DK Jungle then you can go to the waterfall, beat him, and he’ll join.

Get Kritter:
In the DK Jungle, beat King K. Rool.

Get Tiny Kong:
In the DK Jungle, beat Bowser Jr.

Get Wiggler:
Go to Yoshi Park and find out the roller coaster. Reset the roller coaster that Wiggler is in, and he’ll come down and join you.

Get Green Koopa Colors:
Rescue him from the poster in Wario Cit.

Get Noki Colors:
All of Noki’s colors are found in Mario Stadium.

Get Pianta Colors:
Pianta’s colors are found in Mario Stadium. The blue is locked in the shop, the pink one in a palm tree on the beach, the yellow one is in a barrel.

Get Red Paratroopa Colors:
In Wario City, paint the giant billboard with a brush found in Yoshi Park.

Get Shy Guy Colors:
Shy Guy's colors are found in Yoshi Park. Two are in the park entrance near the ferris wheel, two under trees by the stadium, and one is by a treasure chest at the back of the park.

Get Toad Colors:
Toad’s colors can be located in Peach’s Garden.

Get Yoshi Colors:
Yoshi’s colors are found in Yoshi Park. Three in trees, one in front of the shop, and one by the switch which operates the rollercoaster.

Get Night Games:
Beat Bowser Jr. in Challenge Mode.

Get Star Candy:
Locate and buy in the Secret Shop.

Get Star Candy (x2):
First buy a lone Star Candy.

Get Super Star:
First buy three sets of Star Candy (x2).

Clandestine Shop Membership:
Open up the chest in DK’s Stadium during Challenge Mode with Wario.

View Challenge Mode Cutscenes:
Finish Challenge Mode; can view any cutscene from that mode while in Records Mode.

Get Blooper Baserun (Day):
Acquire Daisy’s Cruiser.

Get Bomb-omb Derby (Night):
Beat Bowser Jr. in Challenge Mode.

Get Castle Pinball (Night):
Acquire Bowser’s Castle.

Get Ghost K (Night):
Acquire Luigi’s Mansion

Get Graffiti Runner (Day):
Acquire Bowser Jr.’s Castle.

Get Wall Ball (Night):
Beat Bowser Jr. in Challenge Mode.
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