Чит коды на Mario Party 8 (Wii)

Play as Blooper or Hammer Bro.:
Complete the Star Battle Arena with any character to unlock either Blooper or
Hammer Bro. Then, complete Star Battle Arena with that newly unlocked character to
unlock the other character.

Bowser's Warp Orbit:
Complete the Star Battle Arena with any character.

Crown Showdown:
Unlock a mini-game in the Four Player, 1 vs. 3 Player, 2 vs. 2 mini-game and
Duel mini-game categories.

Flip Out Frenzy:
Unlock a Four Player mini-game.

Test For The Best:
Unlocked in the Fun Bazaar.

Tic Tac Drop:
Unlock a Duel mini-game.

Minigame Wagon:
Successfully complete Star Battle mode to be able to buy mini-games at the
Minigame Wagon.

Easy dart shooting:
Just as the target you are aiming for
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