Чит коды на Lego Batman (Wii)

Enter any of the codes bellow at the computer in the Batcave at the Batcave.
Note: You can enter these codes in Arkham Asylum at the hacked computer, too.

Unlockable characters in Free Play mode:
Zoo Sweeper - DWR243
Yeti - NJL412
The Joker (tropical) - CCB199
Security Guard - PLB946
Scientist - JFL786
Sailor - NAV592
S.W.A.T. - HTF114
Riddler Henchman - XEU824
Riddler Goon - CRY928
Police Officer - JRY983
Police Marksman - HKG984
Poison Ivy Goon - GTB899
Penguin Minion - KJP748
Penguin Henchman - BJH782
Penguin Goon - NKA238
Nightwing - MVY759
Military Policeman - MKL382
Man-Bat - NYU942
Mad Hatter - JCA283
Joker Henchman - YUN924
Joker Goon - UTF782
Freeze Henchman - NJL412
Freeze Girl - XVK541
Fishmonger - HGY748
Commissioner Gordon - DDP967
Clown Goon - HJK327
Catwoman (classic) - M1AAWW
Bruce Wayne - BDJ327
Batgirl - JKR331
Alfred Pennyworth - ZAQ637

Unlockable Extras:
Stud Magnet - LK2DY4
Sonic Pain (Sonic suit) - THTL4X
Slam (Glide suit) - BBD7BY
Silhouettes - YK4TPH
Score x8 Multiplier - WCCDB9
Score x6 Multiplier - MLVNF2
Score x4 Multiplier - CX9MAT
Score x2 Multiplier - N4NR3E
Score x10 Multiplier - 18HW07
Regenerate Hearts - HJH7HJ
Power Brick Detector - MMN786
Piece Detector (Attract suit) - KHJ544
More Detonators (Demolition suit) - TNTN6B
More Batarang Targets - XWP645
Minikit Detector - ZXGH9J
Invincibility - WYD5CP
Immune to Freeze - JXUDY6
Ice Rink - KLKL4G
Freeze Batarang (Water suit) - XPN4NG
Flaming Batarangs (Heat protection suit) - D8NYWH
Faster Pieces (Attract suit) - EVG26J
Fast Walk (Magnet suit) - ZOLM6N
Fast Grapple (all suits) - RM4PR8
Fast Build - GHJ2DY
Fast Batarangs (all suits) - JRBDCB
Extra Toggle (extra Free mode characters) - EWAW7W
Extra Hearts - ML3KHP
Disguise - GEC3MD
Decoy (Technology suit) - TQ09K3
Character Studs - DY13BD
Beep Beep - RAFTU8
Bats (Sonic suit) - XFP4E2
Armor Plating (Demolition suit) - N8JZEK
Area Effect (Sonic suit) - TL3EKT
Always Score Multiply - 9LRGNB

Unlcokable Vehicles:
Two-Face's armored truck - EFE933
The Joker's van - JUK657
Robin's submarine - TTF453
Riddler's jet - HAHAHA
Police watercraft - VJD328
Police van - MAC788
Police helicopter - CWR732
Police car - KJL832
Police boat - PLC999
Police bike - LJP234
Penguin Goon submarine - BTN248
Mr. Freeze's kart - BCT229
Mr. Freeze's iceberg - ICYICE
Mad Hatter's steamboat - M4DM4N
Mad Hatter's glider - HS000W
Harley Quinn's Hammer truck - RDT637
Harbor helicopter - CHP735
Goon helicopter - GCH328
Garbage truck - DUS483
Catwoman's motorcycle - HPL826
Bruce Wayne's private jet - LEA664
Bat-Tank - KNTT4B
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