Чит коды на Jett Rocket (Wii)

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the
corresponding award:

1000 Cells: Collect a thousand solar cells.
Break Even!: Break fifteen stalagmites in a level.
Crushed Ice: Dash twelve Ice-cubes in a level.
Dash 'Em All: Dash all robots in a level.
Drohn Hunting!: Clear all Drohn robots in a level.
Get them all: Get all solar cells in a level.
I Have A Secret: Find ten different secrets.
Love Of My life: Collect and keep ten lives.
Mr. Niceguy: Successfully complete a level without attacking any enemy.
No Cellaryl: Successfully complete a level without collecting any solar cells.
Run Jett, Run!: Successfully complete a Jungle level in under three minutes.
Speedrun: Successfully complete a Northpole level in under three minutes.
The Doors: Dash a robot with a door.
Timeattack: Successfully complete a Atoll level in under twenty seconds.
Tom Tom: Dash eight Tank Toms in a level.
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