Чит коды на Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (Wii)

Также известная как: Гарри Поттер и Принц-полукровка
Easy victory in duels:
When dueling, use Levicorpus on your opponent. Then, while he or she is up in
the air, get as close as you can to them. Charge Stupefy as much as possible
(the light from your wand will blink two times separately). Cast the charged
Stupefy on your opponent before he or she comes back down. If done correctly,
this will take away six of the health "dots", which is enough to completely
defeat some opponents. Use this as many times as desired against opponents with
more health. This will not work as well in two player dueling because your human
opponent can wriggle free pretty quickly after being hit by Levicorpus.
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