Чит коды на Godzilla Unleashed (Wii)

Press A + Up to display the cheat entry screen. If that does not work,
successfully complete a character's story, and go to continue. Then, skip the
animation and hold A.

Mutant faction:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the Mutant faction for purchase at
the shop for 15,000.

Mothership area:
Shoot down the ship in the "Invasion" level at San Francisco. You can now select
the Mothership as an area for purchase at the shop for 35,000. Alternately, play
as the Alien faction. You can select the Mothership after another faction shoots
down the ship.

Alternate ending:
To view an alternate ending as any of the Earth Defenders or GDF monsters, get
all seven Power Surges. You will get the "Tyrant" ending instead of the "Hero"
ending once you successfully complete Story mode.

Easy points:
Start a two player battle in Brawl mode. You will earn as much as 1,000 points
to spend in the store. This helps unlock more characters faster than playing
through Story mode multiple times.
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