Чит коды на Elebits (Wii)

New Mission Modes:
You can unlock extra modes for every non-boss stage!

Unlockable - How to Unlock:
Challenge Mission - Collect the 2nd pink Elebit
Eternal Mission - Collect all 3 pink Elebits
Score Attack - Collect the 1st pink Elebit

Unlock a level in level editor:
In order to unlock a level in level editor, you must rank a C or higher in it.
If you rank a B or higher, you get a set of items corresponding to that level
that can be used in any place.

Rare Item Unlockables:
After defeating the third boss, find and collect the rare item in certain levels
to unlock special abilities.

Fixed Radar Unit - Located in Level 3
Camouflage Unit - Located in Level 11
Repair Unit - Located in Level 6
Auto Repair System - Located in Level 12
Capture Range Expansion - Located in Level 20
Item Boost Unit - Located in Level 18
Sensible Shoes - Located in Level 8

Collecting the third Pink Elebit:
To capture the third Pink Elebit, do the following:

Mission 1 - Appears if you clear the mission in 5 minutes or less.
Mission 5 - Appears if you clear the mission with fewer than 3 loud noises.
Mission 10 - Appears if you clear the mission with an 80% durability.
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