Чит коды на Cave Story (Wii)

Bonus powerful weapon:
Do not trade in your Polar Star for the machinegun when given the
option. Instead, you can trade in your Polar Star and another weapon for
an extremely powerful weapon later in the game.

Bubbler weapon:
Get the Jellyfish Juice, then use it on the fireplace in the
Assembly Hall in Mimiga Village to get the Bubbler weapon. While it is
equipped, hold Down to form a total of one hundred bubbles that deflect
blockable enemy attacks and cause a lot of damage because of all the
sharp stars it releases. It is very useful when fighting a lot of
enemies, such as the hordes of birds that attack you in the Sand
Zone. Try using it while in the Labyrinth and an enemy traps you by
jumping up and trying to attack. You can remain in any location and
charge up the Bubbler; it will release the stars and hit the enemies for
you. In the Sand Zone, use it as a shield and launch the stars. You
can even use it to get the Arms Barrier. While fighting Monster X and he
releases the heat-seeking fish-like missile projectiles, the Bubbler
will protect you and destroy them in one hit. You can also use it
against Balfrog to block all his missile attacks.

Alternate endings:
Successfully complete the indicated task to view the corresponding ending:

Bad : Leave with Kazuma after your second time through the Egg Corridor.
Normal: Successfully complete the escape sequence without going through
the Sacred Grounds.
Good : Successfully complete the escape sequence with going through the
Sacred Grounds.

Make the rocket that allows access to the last cave, but do not talk
to Momorin to get the booster back. Use the rocket, and keep the
Mimiga Mask.
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