Чит коды на Biohazard: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)

Bonus scenarios:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus

Beginnings 1: Successfully complete Train Derailment 3.
Beginnings 2: Successfully complete Beginnings 1 with an "A" or better rank.
Dark Legacy 1: Successfully complete Fall Of Umbrella 3.
Dark Legacy 2: Successfully complete Death's Door and Nightmare 2.
Death's Door: Successfully complete Racoon's Destruction 3 with an "A" or
better rank.
Fourth Survivor: Successfully complete Dark Legacy 2.
Nightmare 1: Successfully complete Mansion Incident 1.
Nightmare 2: Successfully complete Nightmare 1 with an "A" or better rank.
Rebirth 1: Successfully complete Mansion Incident 3.
Rebirth 2: Successfully complete Rebirth 1.
The 4th Survivor: Successfully complete Dark Legacy 2.

Special Stage mini-game:
Successfully complete all scenarios, including the bonus sub-scenarios to unlock
the Special Stage mini-game.

Infinite ammunition:
Get an "S" rank in all scenarios. The message "Unlimited Ammo Deactivated" will
appear. This is a glitch, where "Deactivated" was used as a mistranslation for
"Unlocked". Ignore the error, and enter the "Customize" menu to purchase the
level 5 (unlimited ammunition) upgrade.

Cooperative mode:
Successfully complete Hunk's "The Fourth Survivor" scenario to unlock
Cooperative mode in all missions. You can now select the double pistol icon at
the character selection screen to play with two players. Note: Both players will
use the same character.

Play Hunk's "The Fourth Survivor" scenario. Locate the secret room next to the
front doors of the police station lobby. Watch for Hunk to look briefly towards
the doors that lead to the secret room as he walks past. Quickly shoot the doors
to open them. Enter the secret room, and get the Handcannon from the desk on the
left side.
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