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CSI: Deadly Intent (Wii)

Accomplishment Awards
Complete the following tasks during the 5 cases to earn an award. Awards can viewed on your PDA by first selecting "Case File", and then choosing "Statistics".

Broken Hearted: Complete Case 1: Broken Hearted.
Chemistry Master: Identify the chemical for Riley in Case 2.
Cinephile: Watched a movie from a case file.
Coulda Been a Contender: Complete Case 2: Coulda Been a Contender.
Crime Scene Impersonator: Complete Case 5: Crime Scene Impersonator.
CSI: Deadly Intent: Complete all five cases of CSI: Deadly Intent.
Deadly Secret: Identify the makeup worn by the victim.
DNA Master: Identify the DNA for Juarice Briggs in Case 3.
Document Master: Identify the Document for Nick in Case 4.
Extinguished: Complete Case 4: Extinguished.
Fingerprint Master: Identified the fingerprint for Dr. Langston in Case 1.
Gearhead: Viewed the Options screen.
Heart Mender: Reassemble heart-shaped ashtray in Case 1.
Just for Good Measure: Identify both items incriminating Steve Tampson before his final interrogation began.
Last Gasp: Complete Case 3: Last Gasp.
Rub It In: Interrogate Horace Willingham after he confesses.
Strong Reader: Visited a case file.
Touch of the Irish: Collect all the bottles of Classic Cork.
We Love CSI Fans!: Viewed the opening to CSI: Deadly Intent.
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