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Breath of Fire 2 (Wii)

Infinite Healing Items or Gold Coins:
After you have the carpenter build the house for the old lady that unites
shamans, go to the northeastern house where the carpenter cooks. Talk to
the carpenter and he'll tell you he can cook anything. In the item
selection screen use two herbs to make a HelpBL four to make an Elixer.
Now to make it infinte, next use either four HelpBL's or two elixers to
make a LifePL. So that would mean that you used 8 hervs for a total of
64gp to make one LifePL for a total of 250gp. So sell your LifePL's to
make alot of money, buy more herbs and do it again.

Old Friends:
At Giant Island, in the northern area of the map above the town Gate
(Press select for the map), you'll find Bo and Karn from the first Breath
of Fire game. They don't do anything though, but you can talk to them.
You'll need the whale or the bird to get there though.
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