Cheats for Punch-Out (Wii)

Red headgear:
Lose 100 times total in Single Player mode to unlock the red headgear, which
provides more protection from punches. -From: Jake

Major Circuit:
Win the Minor Circuit Championship Title to unlock the Major Circuit.

World Circuit:
Win the Major Circuit Championship Title to unlock the World Circuit.

Title Defense mode:
Successfully complete the Minor, Major, and World Circuit to unlock Title
Defense mode. In this mode, you will be challenged by all of the fighters
previously fought, but with different patterns and strategies.

Last Stand mode:
Defeat Mr. Sandman in Title Defense mode to unlock Last Stand mode.

Champions mode:
Win ten bouts in Mac's Last Stand to unlock Champions mode.

Play as Donkey Kong in Exhibition mode:
Defeat Donkey Kong in Last Stand mode to unlock Donkey Kong in Exhibition mode.

Character audio:
Successfully complete all three challenges in Exhibition mode to unlock your
character's audio gallery.

Gallery introductions:
View a boxer's introduction to unlock it for replay in the gallery.

Contender Career credits mini-game:
Successfully complete Contender Career mode or have viewed it under the
"Options" menu. Then, use the pointer to correct the misspelled names of the
developers and remove the names of your opponents. Select a name, and it will
turn green and become corrected. Do not select it again or choose one that is
already correct. Select your opponents' names as they scroll to remove them.

Regaining health:
In-between rounds, alternatively tap Plus and Minus until a chime is heard. At
the start of the next round, your health will increase.
After knocking down an opponent, rapidly tap 1 and 2 alternately (Wii-mote
controls) or "drum" the Wii-mote and Nunchuk. Mac will pump himself up and
regain some energy while the opponent is down.
During the dialogue between rounds, press Minus. Doc will use a Remedy Bar, and
Mac will regain some energy. This can only be done once per opponent.

Recovering from TKO:
If you are TKO'd and the ending animation begins, quickly tap 1 and 2
repeatedly. If done correctly, you will get one more chance.

Avoid losing:
When you are about to lose a fight in Career mode, press Plus. Select "Restart",
and you will not be marked with a loss and have the benefit of seeing your
opponent's moves and weaknesses.
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