Cheats for Chew Man Fu (Wii)

Golden Balls:
At the title screen, hold I + Select and press
Left + Up.

Area 5, Round 50:
Password 677261.

Fight enemy opponents only:
Password 075653.

Area 1, Round 1:
Password 573300

Area 1, Round 1 (3rd Playthrough):
Password 344710
Enemy list
Locate the two computers near the first save location at the
beginning of the game. Then, use the "Talk" command at this
location to view a list of enemies and extra graphics from the game.

Hitpoint Recovery
This only works if you are lower than 11 hit-points. If you are
about to die and desperate to gain some energy, go to a staircase.
Allow an enemy to hit you while you are on the staircase and you
will recover up to 11 hit-points.
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